Restoring Your Grace
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Early 2001 I was diagnosed with an L5 /S1 disc protrusion (that’s at the  base of the lower back). I was hounded by a relentless, crippling back  and sciatic pain and considered surgery when I decided to search for an  alternative.  Having exhausted all convential and some less mainstream  treatments, I  attended a myriad of day and weekend body-work courses up and down  the country. I was even driving a round trip of 500km for weekly treatment  but still had no lasting improvement. Finally I was referred to a Doctor of Manual Therapy. The result......  AMAZING  ! It was like he had hardly touched me but the pain was gone  and I felt?...... FREE . Previously unable to sit without sciatic pain or lift anything even remotely  heavy I am now able to sit pain free and as you can see from a recent  photo lifting very heavy objects has been life changing. Sure, there are  some subsequent follow up treatments and I have to do homework  stretches but I am now 90% better. Now having completed training under the expert guidance of this dedicated and very gifted man I understand the depth required to make the  difficult  seem simple.
Got a pain that won’t go away?
Alistair Mckenzie
Diploma in Massage Therapy (CCNM) Clinical Training: Dr Clemens Franymayr Clinical Training/Mentoring Dr Joe Brownlee